Focus on Your Family


The City of Independence and 25 & Alive have kicked off a year-long program called "Focus on Your Family" Challenge using a family activity calendar to generate ideas to increase quality family time. This program will run through December of 2018. 

Follow the program on Instagram and use #Indyfamilyfocus to post pictures of the activities that have brought you and your family closer together.  Click on the Link below to view the Activity Calendar and this month's challenge!

Focus on Your Family Activity Calendar.pdf 

Who doesn’t think it would be great to spend more quality time with family?  That’s one of the reasons for our Focus on Your Family Challenge – inspiring families to reconnect despite everyone’s packed schedules and responsibilities!

Another very important reason is that “parents are the most powerful influence on their kids when it comes to alcohol and drugs.  Recent research has found that 2 out of 3 kids ages 13-17 say that losing their parents’ respect is one of the main reasons they don’t drink alcohol, smoke marijuana or use other drugs” (National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence).

Despite the many efforts to shed light on the growing heroin epidemic, deaths due to overdose continue to increase throughout the county, state, and nation.  For this reason, we are focusing on PREVENTION, including implementing the K-12 NIDA Brain Power curriculum in all schools, focusing our Town Hall Meeting on what parents of young children can learn NOW to recognize risk factors and warning signs, and promoting FOCUS ON YOUR FAMILY.

One of the most important things parents can do is to put an end to thinking “Not My Kid.” Many who have lost their lives in Ohio were athletes, homecoming queens, and all-star students.  If they haven't already, your child will be faced with deciding whether or not to try an illegal or prescription drug, and the best prevention is YOU.  That’s why it is important to build strong relationships with your children and talk to them about substance abuse -- the earlier the better!   

So please, take advantage of this opportunity to spend more quality time with family, post your pictures and stories on Instagram using #Indyfamilyfocus and have a chance at winning a $25 Amazon gift card!  Let’s circle our wagons in Independence and protect our children by strengthening our families!