Indy Fit

Welcome to INDY FIT, a Health and Fitness initiative bringing together the dedicated staff of our Parks & Recreation Department along with some of the finest healthcare practitioners in and around Northeast Ohio all here to help you achieve your Health and Fitness goals.

Indy Fit's mission is to have a positive impact on the community, to help others become the healthiest versions of themselves, to motivate others to reach their fullest potential and to set and reach challenging goals they might not have otherwise imagined, with well thought-out health and wellness programs, informational materials and purpose driven exercise.

The Indy Fit pass is now available for purchase! This 8-class punch pass ($40 for residents, $45 for non-residents) covers all of our city-run fitness classes. This list includes:

Sundays: 10am Barre Fusion
Mondays: 10:45am Body Shop Young at Heart, 7:15pm Barre Fusion
Tuesdays: 8:15am Sculpting Circuit
Wednesdays: 8:30am Cycle & Sculpt, 10:45am Body Shop Young at Heart, 7pm Barre Fusion
Thursdays: 8:15am Sculpting Circuit, 6:00pm INDY FIT Strength & Conditioning
Fridays: 8:30am Zumba with Tessa, 10:45am Body Shop Young at Heart
Saturdays: 10am Cycle & Sculpt

Don't miss out on the INDY FIT Strength & Conditioning class at the Fieldhouse, Thursdays 6pm - meeting outdoors at the Elmwood Recreation Building during the summer months!