Farewell to Former Middle School

Created on 4/17/2017 2:45:31 PM
The City of Independence, the Alumni Association, and the Historical Society worked to organize a big farewell to the former Independence Middle School.
Almost 200 people attended the Farewell to School ceremony on Saturday, April 8th. Alumni Association representatives Rhonee Iula and Councilman Bob Wagner organized a very appropriate presentation which featured the following speakers: Class of 1961 graduate, Bruce Riha; former teacher at the 12-grade facility, Wes Gaab; teacher at the former middle school 5-8 grade facility, Bill McGuinness; former Principal of the old Middle School, Ed Vittardi; and current Superintendent of the Independence Schools, Ben Hegedish. 

After many sentiments were shared, the City Drone took footage and pictures of the attendees in an "I" formation on the school lawn as well as the attendees surrounding the building giving it one last "hug". 

Probably the biggest surprise to those who came to say goodbye was the opportunity to go inside of the old building one last time! People were jumping for joy and could not have been more excited to step into the building to reminisce of many years gone by. It was a perfect way to say farewell and when the door of the front entrance was closed for the very last time, Mayor Togliatti was happy to present a plaque to the members of the Alumni Association which represented the key to the building and this piece of our history. 

A big thank you to the Alumni Association, the Historical Society, and all of the City employees who worked so hard to make this a memorable event.