Created on 8/30/2010 6:02:09 PM

Are You on the Call List?

The City utilizes the SwiftReach system to alert residents, via telephone, in the event of an emergency or to pass along a message of importance.  The SwiftReach system allows the City to communicate emergency and important messages to the entire community or just sections of it, in a matter of minutes.  SwiftReach can be used for important messages that are non-emergency, but are still of high interest to residents, such as delays or early dimissals at the local schools, reminders to turn your clocks backward or forward and as a reminder to change the batteries in your smoke detectors, as well as notifying residents of any other information of which they should be made aware.

Twice a year, a test of our SwiftReach system is performed. 
On November 6, the City conducted a test, along with a reminder to change your clocks back one hour because daylight savings time was ending.

If you did not receive the test message on November 6, here are two ways you can add your telephone number to the list:

1.  The City’s Website

a. Go to Sign Up for Swiftreach Notifications

b. Fill in the information, your name, phone number(s), address and county, at a minimum, and you are welcome to add other information as well.  Then click “Submit Request” 

If you do not have a computer, you can use one of the public internet terminals located at the Civic Center or a public library.

If you want your number removed, put in your information and then select the “Remove” option at the bottom of the gray box.

2.  Call City Hall

If you cannot get to a computer, call Monica, our receptionist at City Hall, at 524-4131, and she will be happy to take your information and relay it for input into the system.

Please take the time to help us reach you in the event of an emergency or important message from the City.  Thank you!