No Place Like Home

Created on 5/14/2010 9:48:43 AM
Introducing the Grass Cutting Referral Program.  The City will provide you with a list of qualified lawn care and landscaping professionals to maintain your yards
    We are happy to announce that Mayor Kurtz has expanded the "No Place Like Home" Program to include a service that will assist Senior residents of Independence to help them remain in their homes.
    This new serivce, which will be initiated this Spring, is a Grass Cutting Referral Program.  Senior residents who are in need of grass cutting and other yard maintenance should contact Kathleen Kapusta, Senior Services Coordinator, at 524-3035.  You will be provided with a list of grass cutting contractors along with a price list.  The option of which contractor you select is your choice, and once you select a contractor, it will be up to you to meet with them to finalize the arrangements for your own yard.
    For those who are seeing assistance with grass cutting and yard maintenance, the advantage of this program is to provide you with a list of contractors who have been prescreened and who are willing to offer their services at a fair and favorable price.
    If you are interested in this service, please call as soon as possible so that we can help you prepare for this year's grass season!