Employment Connection

Created on 6/27/2011 12:53:43 PM
The City of Independence is pleased to announce a new partnership with Employment Connection.  Employment Connection is a federally funded collaborative program offered by the City of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County that can assist Independence employers and job seekers with a variety of services at NO COST!
Employment Connection can assist job seekers of all skill levels with a variety of services at NO COST including: workshops, self-directed services, job search, placement assistance and connections with area employers.  Their primary focus is to get displaced workers back on their feet as quickly as possible through personalized service and expert program recommendations. >Employment Connection’s multiple Career Centers provide free Internet access to help job seekers scan the most up-to-date jobs in Northeast Ohio. The job seeker can refer to the most recent Employment Connection job postings from their new on-line PC Recruiter job search system at, and secure the latest labor market information. Staff is available to help job seekers develop their networking skills and prepare their resumes so that employers will readily see the skills and experience they have to offer and we can help them post their resume on-line for greater exposure. Telephone, fax, copiers, computers and printers are also available at NO COST! For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit their website at: