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Michael  Gero
Building Official

6335 Selig Drive
Independence, Ohio 44131

Phone: (216) 524-1019
Fax: (216) 573-1592 

Hours of Service:
7:30 am to 4:30 pm M-F

Building Department

Welcome to the Independence Building Department. The Independence Building Department serves the needs of both residents, commercial property owners, and developers. This is where homeowners and contractors can obtain any and all permits needed to do work on their homes or businesses in the City. Building Official Michael Gero oversees the department and the processing of all building construction plan applications, and is a member of both the Architectural Board of Review and the Board of Zoning Appeals.

City Planner, Jeffrey Markley, oversees the City's Master Plan and approves all landscaping of commercial projects within the City. He also sits on both the Planning Commission and Architectural Board of Review.

The Building Department annually registers contractors who intend to work in the City. Any homeowner contracting work should always check to be sure that their contractor is registered and has the required permit. As part of the City's registration, all contractors shall provide a performance bond and proper insurance coverage which will help protect the homeowner. 

The Building Department provides for permits, contractor registration, building construction inspection, investigates complaints related to zoning or property maintenance issues, handles all Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals and Architectural Board of Review meetings.

Call the Building Department at (216) 524-1019 or visit us at 6335 Selig Drive (City Annex Building) to arrange a preliminary conference to review your project. This conference is not mandatory, but it will be helpful and informative to you. It may also speed up the process. At this meeting, bring along conceptual drawings and other planning ideas to discuss.

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