Commercial Downloadable Forms

 TitleDescriptionModified Date
2017 Contractor Registration2017 Contractor Registration Packet11/30/2016
Commercial Project PermitNew building, addition to existing building11/5/2015
Tenant Alteration PermitTenant Alteration Permit4/22/2015
Plumbing Permit 8/17/2016
Electrical Permit 8/17/2016
HVAC Permit 2/2/2017
Misc. Commercial PermitFire sprinkler, suppression, alarm, communication cable, low voltage, roofing3/17/2017
Driveway/Concrete PermitResidential flat work, Commercial driveways or parking areas11/16/2015
Occupancy Permit ApplicationChange in Occupancy Use or Tenant Information8/17/2016
Sign Application 8/30/2017
Miscellaneous PermitResidential Remodeling/Alterations, Siding, Waterproofing, Roofing, Fences, Windows2/2/2017
RITA FormBusiness Registration Form 4812/13/2016
Worker's Compensation AffidavitNotarized form if no Worker's Compensation12/13/2016

Residential Downloadable Permits

 TitleDescriptionModified Date
2017 Contractor Registration 2/2/2017
2017 Rental RegistrationResidential Rental Property Registration2/2/2017
Building Permit: Additions, Demolitions, etc.Additions, Demolitions, etc.3/17/2017
Plumbing Permit 2/2/2017
Electrical Permit 2/2/2017
HVAC Permit 2/2/2017
Shed & Garage ApplicationResidential Shed & Garage3/17/2017
Residential Deck Application 2/2/2017
Swimming Pool Application 3/17/2017
Miscellaneous PermitResidential Remodel/Alteration, Siding, Waterproofing, Roofing, Fences, Windows2/2/2017
Change Of Grade Adding or Reducing Grade2/2/2017
Driveway/Concrete PermitFlatwork: Driveway, Patio, Garage/Shed Base, Fire Pit2/2/2017
RITA FormBusiness Registration Form 482/2/2017
Worker's Compensation AffidavitNotarized form if no Worker's Compensation2/2/2017