Activity Forms

The forms underlined below are necessary for various Trips, Programs and Services offered at the Civic Center and Fieldhouse. To access and print the form, click on the underlined link below.

Adult Waiver

This form is required for adults 18 and older who are participating in any programs or trips at the Civic Center or Fieldhouse. 

Registration Form & Waiver for Youth Under 18

This form is required for all youth under 18 years old, and only needs to be completed once a year.  All Youth Programs require this form.

Change of Information Form

This form is necessary to update any information on a waiver that has changed such as address, phone number, emergency contact, etc.

Bus Trip Permission Slip

This form is needed for anyone under 18 years old who is on a bus trip without his/her Parent/Guardian. The Parent/Guardian must sign off to allow their child to take a Bus Trip with another adult.