Appeals Process

If you are found guilty in the Independence Mayor's Court you have the right to appeal your case to the Garfield Heights Municipal court, pursuant to ORC section 1905.23.

Within ten days from the time a mayor renders judgment, the appellant shall file with the mayor's court a written notice of appeal designating the order or judgment appealed from and the court to which the appeal is taken.

All further proceedings in the mayor's court shall be stayed from the time of filing the notice of appeal with the mayor's court.

Upon the filing of the notice of appeal, the clerk of the mayor's court shall make a certified transcript of the proceedings and deliver such transcript together with the original papers used on the trial, to the court to which the appeal is taken, within fifteen days from the rendition of the judgment appealed from.

Upon receipt of the transcript and the papers mentioned in this section, the clerk of the court to which the appeal is taken shall file them and docket the appeal. An appeal from the mayor's court to the municipal court court shall proceed as a trial de novo (meaning that the new court treats the case as if a prior hearing had never been held).