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Donald J. Ramm, P.E.
City Engineer

Clark Merdes, P.E.
Deputy Engineer

Joseph Potoma, E.I.
Engineer Technician

Milt Gozelanczyk
Engineering Assistant

Janine Boehm
Office Coordinator

Coral Troxell

Administrative Assistant

6335 Selig Drive
Independence, OH  44131

Phone: (216) 524-1374
Fax:     (216) 573-1592


Hours:  8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Monday thru Friday


Lower Hillside Walk Through November 2009The Engineering Department is responsible for and/or oversees the preparation of plans and specification and the construction, administration, inspection, and supervision for all infrastructure projects within the City.  These projects include work that takes place on all street rights-of-way, and other City-owned properties.


The Engineering Department inspects and approves all improvements installed by private developers in new residential, industrial and commercial subdivisions.  This work includes inspection of public utilities to new houses and buildings as well as sewers, drives, grading and drainage structures which are part of the development.


Personnel from the Engineering Department regulate, or assist in the regulation of the FEMA Flood Insurance Program, Federal and State Environmental Regulations, work done by utility companies in public rights-of-way, and traffic engineering.


In addition, the input of the Engineering Department is vital to assure that development is implemented with the vision and strategy necessary to provide for the future needs of the City and its people.


The Engineering Department is responsible for design, construction and inspection of public improvements, reviews of site construction issues, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Compliance, grading permits, and storm water management.  This Department operates under the supervision of the City Engineer.


The City Engineer and his staff provide consultation to other City departments, developers, contractors and homeowners regarding site and utility issues.  The Engineer is the first point of contact for questions concerning drainage issues, utility records and roadway improvements.  This department also operates and maintains records of utilities, roadways, and makes this information available to residents, contractors, and developers.


The City Engineer directs, designs and supervises the construction of all public improvement projects approved by the Mayor and City Council.  He provides engineering review of all residential and commercial site plans to assure design compliance with standards, and checks final grades for drainage requirements.  He acts as the City's liaison with other governmental agencies and provides assistance to the administration and residents with respect to drainage and other engineering issues.