From the Engineer's Office

June 2017 Council Report

The Engineering Department reports the following activities for last month:

·         A total of sixteen (16) permits were issued:

o   Six (6) Grade Permits were issued for new homes

o   Six (6) Landscape Permits were issued for new homes 

o   Two (2) Miscellaneous Permits were issued for commercial parking lot work

o   Two (2) Miscellaneous Permits were issued for residential concrete work

·         Six (6) topographic site plans for new homes were approved:

o   Five (5) for Pulte Homes Sublots 131, 133, 139, 148, and 149 on Hawthorn Trace.

o   One (1) for Perry Homes for Sublot 74 on Linden Lane

  • We are presently signing contracts with Fabrizi Trucking & Paving Company for the Oakwood Drive Improvements Project.
    • We hope to get under construction on this project later this month.
  • We prepared contract documents, and received four (4) bids on Friday, July 7th for the Great Oaks Parkway Concrete Pavement Replacement Project.
    • Ordinance 2017-86 on tonight’s agenda would authorize a contract with the Lowest and Best Bidder, Catts Construction, in the amount of $537,845.50.
  • We coordinated with engineers from the Mannik & Smith Group and attended Streets & Sidewalks Committee meetings to advance the PAVER Model software program, which is an asset management tool for our roadway pavements throughout the City.
  • We continued to coordinate with a representative from Chagrin Valley Engineering, and to attend meetings of the Utilities Committee, to study EPA-mandated updates to our Storm Water Management and Erosion & Sediment Control Ordinances.  This work is on-going.
  • We are conducting a Pre-Construction Meeting with Chagrin Valley Paving this Thursday, to kick-off work in connection with the 2017 Asphalt Road Maintenance and Repairs Contract.
    • Ordinance 2017-88 on tonight’s agenda considers authorization of additional paving work under this contract.
  • Lastly, we are preparing bid documents for the 2017 Concrete Road Maintenance and Repairs Contract, and we hope to receive bids and to be in a position to recommend a contract award in time for the August 8th City Council Meeting.