Rain Barrels

Slow it down, spread it out, soak it in!
Save the Rain for a Sunny Day!

What is a Rain Barrel?
A rain barrel is a container used to collect and store rainwater that would otherwise be lost to runoff and likely diverted to a storm drain.  Collected water may then be used to water lawns and gardens.  Rainwater can be harvested in many ways.

Why use a Rain Barrel?

Water Conservation
Approximately 60% of our municipal water supply goes directly to watering our lawns.  By using rain barrels, you lessen the amount of water flowing into our storm drains, sewer systems, and ultimately local waterways.  This water can then be used during hot or dry spells to water your garden.

Protection of Local Watersheds
Seventy million pounds of pesticides are applied to lawns each year, contaminating storm water (rainwater) runoff.  Fertilizers and pesticides are a primary source of water pollution.  By collecting rainwater, you prevent that runoff from picking up and carrying these harmful pollutants into our local waterways.

Natural Gardening
Using rainwater to water your garden in natural and healthy. Plants and beneficial microbes in the soil like rainwater because it is naturally soft - free of chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals.

How Do I Make and Install a Rain Barrel?

Click here for a handout, from the Cuyahoga SWCD, on rain barrels which describes the system and how to build it/install it.

You can also attend one of the Cuyahoga SWCD upcoming workshops which is sometimes and easier option because they get all the materials for you, have all the tools, and teach you how to make it.

Contact Amy Roskilly, Cuyahoga SWCD for upcoming Rain Barrel Workshops, information, dates and times.

Other ways to get a rain barrel:
  • Purchase a pre-made rain barrel many places locally - they are usually more expensive than our workshops, but this option may be more convenient and aesthetic for your taste. Or google rain barrels to find where they are sold in your area.
  • Garden Water Saver: the Rainwater Downspout Diverter used in Cuyahoga SWCD workshops.
For the most convenience search and order rain barrels online to have one delivered straight to you.

For other frequently asked questions, click here.

Additional information on rain barrels:

The above information was provideded by the Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District - www.cuyahogaswcd.org