Emergency Medical Services Invoices

Did you receive an invoice from the City of Independence for emergency ambulance services provided by the Independence Fire Department?

If so, please read the following so that you may understand this new procedure. Rest assured, as long as you are a resident of Independence you will not be responsible for any balance not paid by your medical insurance provider, or Medicare, including any co-payment or deductible.

In August of 2008 City Council passed an Ordinance authorizing the collection of fees for emergency medical services/transports by the Fire Department Squad. The purpose of this Ordinance is to bill insurance companies for Emergency Medical Service/Ambulance Service provided. With that passage, the City needed to put in place a method to collect fees. After many months of research and negotiations, a billing company was selected and a program was put in place. The billing company is now sending invoices to all those who were transported since passage of the legislation.
The following information will help you understand how EMS Billing works.
  1. The insurance company (or Medicare, if applicable) of an Independence resident, or a non-resident employed by and working at a company located in Independence, who is transported via the rescue squad, will be billed for services. Payments received from the insurance company will be considered paid in full and that individual will not be responsible for any unpaid claims (co-pays or deductibles).
  2. For all other individuals who are transported by the rescue squad, the City, through a billing collection agency, will make attempts to recover the total cost of services provided within Medicare requirements.
  3. If a resident of the City of Independence, or a non-resident employed by and working at a company located in the City of Independence, has no insurance coverage, there are provisions in the City Ordinance to waive payment. It is imperative to note that service of the highest quality will be maintained in the event insurance coverage is not available.
  4. It is important to note that an individual’s insurance premiums will not increase or be affected by utilizing EMS transportation. The Ohio Revised Code requires insurance companies to have a fee structure in place for this service. Medicare and Medicaid have these same requirements. Most individuals have already been paying transportation fees in their policies even though no fees have been collected.
  5. You may receive information from the billing agency requesting health insurance information. Simply complete the form with your insurance information and return in the envelope provided. If you have no insurance, simply write “no insurance, Independence resident.” The address on the envelope reads: City of Independence P.O. Box 621005, Cincinnati, OH 45262-1.
Sample Bill

If you have any questions, please call the Independence Fire Department at (216) 524-4001.