Extreme Temperatures

Cold snaps and heat waves are fairly common in our area of the country. They can be very deadly and challenging.

Dangerous Winter Weather Terms

  • Freezing Rain: Rain that freezes on contact with surfaces
  • Sleet: Rain that freezes before it hits the ground
  • Winter Storm Watch: A winter storm is possible in the area
  • Blizzard Warning: Wind gusts >35 mph, along with snow, are expected
  • Winter Storm Warning: A winter storm is occurring or will begin soon
  • Frost/Freeze Warning: Temperatures expected to drop below freezing
Prepare for dangerous winter weather by stocking up on food and water, securing back-up heat sources, and securing shelter.

Dangerous Summer Weather Terms

  • Heat Wave: Period of extreme heat and high humidity
  • Heat Index: How hot it feels
  • Heat Cramps: Muscle pains due to exertion—first sign of heat-related problems
  • Heat Exhaustion: Mild form of shock brought on by heat
  • Heat Stroke: Life-threatening condition occurring when the body’s temperature control system shuts down.
During periods of high heat stay indoors in air conditioning as much as possible. Wear sunscreen when outdoors. Drink plenty of water.