Independence Feline Shelter


The Independence Feline Shelter was started to try to help the stray cats that are picked up in the City of Independence.

The Shelter is there for cats and kittens that are strays only, picked up by the Animal Control Officer.

The cats / kittens are first taken to a Veterinarian and tested for the most common feline diseases, checked over for any indication of disease or illness, vaccinated and if they get a clean bill of health, the cats are spayed and neutered and put in the feline shelter.

We have a wonderful group of dedicated volunteers that offer their time and energy to raise funds to help support the medical care of the cats that are picked up in the City of Independence.

The building the cats are housed in has been donated by ST. Michaels Church.

Due to limited space we can not take in cats and kittens from other cities or from people that can no longer keep a pet. 

Please spay and neuter your pets.  Feral cats are one of the biggest problems each and every city faces.

If you need information on adoptions or a low cost spay neuter Veterinary Clinic please contact The Animal Control Officer at 216-524-3940 or the City Hall desk at 216-524-4131.