Trapping / Nuisance Trapping

photoThe City of Independence offers live traps for residents of the City for the trapping of nuisance wildlife.

Because Independence is located on the edge of Cuyahoga Valley National Park, prevention and management is the first step in learning to live with wildlife.

Remember, trapping is only a temporary solution to a problem. Once an animal is removed, it opens up space for another animal to move in that may be more intrusive than the original animal.

You may also purchase your own trap, but trapping is governed by the Division of Wildlife and its rules and regulations must be followed.

Traps are not to be set on the weekend, and no animal is to be left in a trap for more than a 24-hour period. Once the nuisance animal is removed, please take measures to prevent the problem from arising again. Please see the tips below to assist you in this prevention.

No wild animal is to be released on property other than on the where it was trapped. It is illegal to relocate a wild, trapped animal. This is to prevent the transfer of diseases, such as rabies or distemper, from one area to another.

Helpful Tips:

  • Seal off sheds and decks with hardware cloth or chicken wire installed 6-12 inches into the ground to keep animals from burrowing under.
  • Do not leave garbage cans outside and uncovered. Wildlife love an easy opportunity for food or shelter.
  • Treat your lawn for grubs. One of the main reasons raccoons and skunks, etc., dig up your lawn is to get the grubs below. Treating your lawn in the spring and fall will keep the grubs from killing your grass and keep wildlife from undermining your lawn.
  • Remove any rotten wood and wood piles as they attract insects and worms which attract wildlife.  Keep wood piles away from houses and elevated 6 inches off the ground.
  • Limit bird feeding (thistle works great for songbirds) and clear the surrounding area of loose seed that falls daily. Bring your feeders in at night. Seed attracts many wild animals including raccoons, skunks, chipmunks, and squirrels.
  • Make sure your chimney has a cap. Inspect your soffits for breaching and repair as soon as possible. Raccoons are known for setting up house in homes in attics and chimneys.

Sick or injured wildlife:

  • If you come across a sick or injured animal, do not approach it or try to handle it. Contact Animal Control as soon as possible.  If the sick or injured animal is a threat to the public or domestic animals and it is after regular business hours, please call Police Dispatch at (216) 524-1234.
  • Please do not feed wildlife or stray animals. Feeding wild animals is against our City Ordinance 618.24 FEEDING OF WILDLIFE AND STRAY ANIMALS PROHIBITED. For the safety of our residents and animals, please call the Animal Control Office if you notice any stray animals.  Making a pet out of a wild animal is a very dangerous situation.

Deceased Animals:

  • Call the Service Department, Monday through Friday, for removal of deceased animals (216) 524-9191
  • After hours or weekends, please call the Independence Police Department at (216) 524-1234