Customer Survey

In the interest of better serving our customer we would like your feedback regarding your experience(s) at the Fieldhouse. This will let us know what we are doing well and what we can improve upon. Please answer each question relative to your experience here


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1. Has the facility/court been ready for your use at your agreed upon time? 

2. Is the facility cleaned and maintained to your satisfaction? 

3. Is the staff friendly/courteous/helpful? 

4. Is the scheduling process simple and hassle-free? 

5. Do you typically/reasonably get your first choice of practice time? 

6. Are phone calls/emails returned in a reasonable amount of time? 

7. Is the parking lot safe/convenient (plenty of light, snow removed, general condition)? 

8. Do you find the hours of operation/availability to be reasonable? 

9. Do you consider our environment to be family friendly? 

10. Please rate your overall experience: 

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Scheduling Process: 

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Thank you very much and we hope you have enjoyed your experience(s) at the Independence Fieldhouse!