Fall League Information


Welcome to the 2018 Independence Fall Basketball League at the Fieldhouse! Below you can find teams, game schedules, standings, and more. For any questions, comments, or suggestions, email indyfallbasketball@independenceohio.org.

11/11/2018 Standings:
Thanks for a great season everyone!

4th Grade Win  Loss 
1.Berea 4 2
2.Brecksville (Bl) Kn 6
3.Brecksville (Red) 2 4
4.Brusnwick (A) 5 1
5.Brunswick (B) 1 5
6.Brunswick (3/4) 2 4
7.Highlnad 4 2
8.Medina (A) 5 1
9.Medina (B) 3 3
10. NR (Gold)Miezin 2 4
11.NR (Purple)Lee 6
5th Grade Win  Loss
1.Brecksville (A) 5 1
2. Brunswick (A) 6
3.Brunswick (B) 1 5
4.Highland (Gordon) 1 4
5.Highland (Milin) 6
6.Independence  6
7.Medina (A) 3 3
8.Medina (B) 6
9.Nordonia  3 3
10.NR (Mendoza) 3 2
11.NR (Purple) 6
12.Brecksville (B) 1 5
6th Grade Win  Loss 
1.Highland (Steinmetz) 1 5
2. Avon Lake (Y) 3 2
3. Berea  5 1
4.Brecksville (A) 2 4
5.Brecksville (B-Kern) 1 5
6.Brecksville (B Knestrick) 6
7.Brunswick (A) 5 1
8.Brunswick (B/Fr) 1 5
9.Brunswick (B/Sl) 3 3
10.Highland 6
11.Independence 6
12.Medina (A) 6
13.Medina (B) 5 1
14.Nordonia 5 1
15.NR (A) 2 4
16.NR (B) 2 3

2018 League Rules:

1. All teams will use a 28.5”ball

2.      Teams

a.      Teams may have a maximum of 14 players on the roster

b.      Teams in the 4th grade divisions must have at least six (6) 4th graders on the roster (no more than four players younger than 4th grade).

c.       Each player must be a resident of the school district they are playing representing.

d.      Scheduling requests must be made by Oct 4, 2018. Once the schedule is finalized, it will not change besides weather or safety issues. 

e.      Violations will result in the forfeiture of all games in which the ineligible player participated.

f.        Teams will provide their own score keeper, at least 16 years old or up.  

3.      Shooting Distances

a.      Foul Shot Distances are as followed

                                                              i.      3rd grade 13ft

                                                            ii.      4th grade 13ft

                                                          iii.      5th grade 15ft, with the allowance for the shooter to land on the foul line.

                                                           iv.      6th grade 15ft

4.      Duration of Game

a.      Each game will consist of two (2) eighteen minute halves, with a running clock. The referee shall use his/her discretion in stopping the clock due to injuries, outside interruptions, etc. On shooting fouls, the clock will stop until the player receives the ball for his first foul shot, when the clock will then re-start.

b.      The clock will stop for the last minute of the first half and the last two minute of the second half. Also, the clock will stop in the last two minutes of overtime.  The clock will not stop, however, if a team has a 15-point lead.

c.       Halftime will last five minutes

d.      Each team will have two timeouts per half. Timeouts will be one minute long. Timeouts will not carry over.

e.      If a game is tied after regulation, one (1) three minute overtime period will be played, the clock stopping with two minutes remaining. All fouls from regulation will be carried over. Each team will be given one timeout. If a game is tied after the overtime period the game will end in a tie.

5.      Fouls

a.      A player will foul out of a game upon his/her 5th foul.

b.      The 7th team foul of each half will result in a one-on-on foul shot.

c.       Second half team fouls will carry over to overtime

d.      An automatic two-shot will occur on the 10th team foul of each half.

6.      Defense

a.      With the exception of full court pressure, (see 6:b) there will be no defensive restrictions placed on the 6th grade.

b.      Full court press will only be permitted in the second half of the game and in overtime. Man to man press only. If a team has a 15pt lead, full court press will not be permitted.

c.       For the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade divisions only man-to-man defense is permitted. No zone defense. Exceptions, such as help defense, will be left to the referee’s discretion. A violation of this rule will result in a two-shot technical.

7.      Technical Fouls

a.      A coach receiving two technical fouls in a game will be asked to leave the game.

8.      Waiver Forms

a.      Every player participating in the Independence Fieldhouse Fall League shall submit a waiver form (provided) signed by his/her parent or guardian. A player is ineligible until the signed waiver is submitted.

9.      Forfeits

a.      In the event a team must forfeit a game, the team must pay a $55.00 forfeit fee before the next game. For this year, we will collect the fee prior to the season and the fee will be returned to the team at the end of the season. This is to cover the referee fee for that game.

b.      There will be a 10 minute grace period for the start of the game. If a does not have 5 players on the court by the end of the grace period a forfeit will be declared.

10.  Playoffs

a.      A playoff bracket will be determined by each team’s overall record at the end of the regular season. (First 5 weeks October 14th- November 11th)

b.      Tie Breakers

                                                              i.      Forfeits-Any team with a forfeit loses the tie-breaker

                                                            ii.      Head-to-head

                                                          iii.      Defensive point total