Transportation Services

Transportation services are critical to enable a resident to remain in their own home, while still being integrated with the community.
To schedule transportation, call Community Services Monday - Friday between 7 am and 3:30 pm at 216-524-7373.

Medical Transportation

The City of Independence offers transportation for residents, with a primary focus of transport for medical needs.

This is available if:

  • Residents are 60+ years of age or disabled
  • They cannot drive or do not have an able-bodied driver (one who is licensed to drive and physically and cognitively able to do so) residing in their home
  • One touch point, either pick up or drop off must be in the City of Independence
  • A current waiver is on file with the City

For their own safety, residents requiring wheelchair transport must:

  • Provide their own wheelchair, or
  • Be able to independently transfer into a City-provided wheelchair, and
  • Have an approved ramp for transport over exterior steps
It is recommended that transportation be scheduled as soon as possible for a medical appointment. This service is available at no cost on a first come, first served basis Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

Secondary Transportation

Maintaining the above stated criteria, this service is available for non-medical transport at a nominal fee.

Residents can arrange secondary transportation Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for $1 each way within the City. Exclusions are social and recreational activities, while services such as banking, hair care, and prescription pick up are included. To participate in these transports, the resident must set up an account with Community Services, to be debited at the time of service. No cash is ever exchanged with the driver. 

Grocery Shopping

Residents are transported to a local shopping center each Thursday morning, except holidays. Pre-registration is required through the Civic Center at 216-524-7373.

St. Michael's Church

Residents can register for a pick up to attend 4:30 pm Saturday Mass at St. Michael's Church.

Special Events

Transportation may also be provided to certain City-sponsored and/or civic events, please refer to your Community Spotlight for future events and transportation availability.