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Leon Karas

Service Director

6350 Selig Drive

Independence, Ohio 44131

Phone: 216-524-9191

Fax: 216-524-2808

Hours of Operation:

8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Monday through Friday

Service Department


Mission Statement:

To serve the people, residents, and businesses of the City of Independence with respect, along with wise and efficient methods that will set the standard by which all others will strive to live up to.


Service Department Responsibilities:

  • Curbside rubbish and recycling pickup
  • Maintaining and repairing City streets 
  • Chipper service

  • Curbside leaf pick up in the fall
  • Snowplowing of streets and sidewalks

  • Free Compost delivery from yard waste compost
  • Sign and mailbox installation

  • Maintenance of Mapleshade Cemetery
  • Maintaining main sanitary and storm sewer lines in the City right-of-way