Mapleshade Cemetery

 Cemetery Hours

Mapleshade Cemetery is open for visitation from sunup to sundown each day. 


Fees for Graves:

$450.00 per grave plus a $25.00 administrative fee per grave

Fees for Opening and Closing Graves:
Single Burial:  $200.00    weekday            $300.00  Saturday
Ash Burial:      $115.00    weekday            $150.00  Saturday

Fee for Placing Headstone:
Flat Stone:  $100.00
Raised Monument/Slant Stone:  $340.00 plus labor and materials for placement

Floral Policies


Fresh-cut flowers are encouraged throughout the year.  For safety reasons, plant hangers of any kind, glass containers, vases, adornments, etc., are not permitted in the cemetery at any time. All glass containers, vases, adornments, etc., found in the cemetery on grave sites will be removed by the Sexton.

All cut or artificial flowers, wreaths, and other adornments will be removed according to the schedule listed below. Fresh flowers will be checked weekly (every Friday) and removed if deteriorated at the discretion of the Sexton.

  • March 1st - All Christmas decorations will be removed to make way for Easter decorations (Weather permitting).

  • May 1st - All Easter decorations will be removed to clear the cemetery for Memorial Day and summer decorations.

  • Veteran Emblems and flags will be placed on graves the LAST WEEK in MAY. The removal of emblems and flags will be done AFTER July 4th.

  • November 1st - All decorations will be removed to make way for the Christmas wreaths. 

For information on Mapleshade Cemetery, please call the Service Department at (216) 524-9191.