Compost Delivery

Compost delivery will be available starting in the spring.  Call the Service Department to have your name and address added to the compost list. 

Please fill out our Compost Waiver prior to the delivery of compost.

The Fax number for the Service Department is:  216-524-2808

Listed below are the guidelines for Compost Delivery

  • Call the Service Department at 216-524-9191 to be placed on the compost list.
  • Sign-up is required every year, as all requests are deleted at the end of each year.
  • Your name, address, and phone number are required.
  • The Service Department will notify you by phone of the delivery date. If no one is home, a message will be left on your voice mail. You must return the phone call in order to receive a delivery.
  • Residents must sign a waiver with location of drop-off noted on waiver for the City to deliver a load of compost, or someone in their household must be available to sign a waiver upon delivery.
  • Rental homes must have the approval of the home owner to have compost delivered
  • Location must be in the driveway or on a hard surface.
  • We will not deliver compost to backyards.
  • Second loads will be delivered after all first requests have been met.
  • A compost pile for self pickup by residents is available outside the Service Department.
  • The Service Department DOES NOT load private vehicles, so bring your own container and shovel.