Where to place your cart…
All of your recyclables should be placed in your green cart with the blue lid and wheeled out close to the street with the arrows pointing to the street. Make sure there are no obstructions (telephone poles, fire hydrants or your regular rubbish container) within three feet of the cart.

Acceptable Recyclables in Our Program 
 Paper, newspaper, magazines, phone books, hard back books, brown paper bags 
 Plastics        PLASTIC BOTTLES & JUGS: Empty and rinse. Replace the cap
 Glass (Bottles and Jars)
 Aluminum Cans

Examples of the Recyclable Plastics: 
 Soft drink bottles, water bottles, window cleaner bottles, mouth wash bottles 

 Laundry detergent bottles, windshield washer fluid bottles, coffee containers, milk jugs, medicine bottles 

Please rinse out all bottles, containers, and jars and place the lid/cap back on the item you are recycling.

Single Stream Recycling Tips… 
 Flatten your cardboard boxes, cans and plastic bottles to save space before placing them in your cart.

Items NOT Accepted in Recycling  
 Shredded Paper (Bag and put into your trash cart) 
 Small Appliances (Call for Special Pick up), Window Glass, Ceramic Dishes or cups 
 Household Hazardous Waste such as Paint, Pesticides, motor oil, cooking oil, Fluorescent Light Bulbs or Batteries (Call for Special Pickup) 
Also, Styrofoam and plastic bags (put into your trash cart)
 Hard Plastics such as Little Tikes® toys, milk, and pop crates
 Do NOT put trash, pet waste or yard waste in your cart. Carts containing trash or yard waste will NOT be collected as part of our recycling program.

Advantages of Automated Recycling… 
 Larger containers to hold more as we encourage you to RECYCLE MORE. 
 Easier to wheel your recyclables to the curb. 
 Locally – Reduces the possibility of Employee injuries and Workers’ Compensation Claims 
 Nationally - Recycling saves space at our landfills! 
 For the World - Recycling helps to preserve our environment and reduces Air and Water Pollution!