Propane tanks, Medicine, Tires

Propane Cylinders and Fire Extinguishers:

The City of Independence picks up propane cylinders and fire extinguishers as a Special Pick Up on Friday of each week. Please call the Service Department at 216-524-9191 prior to Friday to schedule a pick up of these items.

Syringes and Hypodermic Needles:

Seal in an empty plastic pop bottle or hard plastic container and label "household syringes". Discard in the trash.


Unwanted medicine should be disposed of with household trash. Keep the medicine in its original container. Remove the label or conceal patient information with a marker. Make the medicine unusable by dissolving pills with water or absorb liquid medication with flour, table salt, or another non-toxic substance. Seal the original container with tape. Place the package inside a non-transparent container and put it out with your rubbish.

Old prescriptions can be disposed in the drop off box in the City Hall lobby just outside of the Police Department, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


The Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District conducts a Scrap Tire Round Up for residents of Cuyahoga County during the month of September.

As a service to the residents of Independence, old automotive, light truck or van tires (rims removed) will be picked up at your residence on the tree lawn area the first 3 (three) Fridays in September.

Please call (216) 524-9191 prior to Friday to schedule a pick of tires the first three (3) Friday's in September.

Only four tires per pick up will be allowed due to limited space. **All tires must be dismounted from rims, no rims will be accepted.