Rental Waiver Form

Dumpster Rental

Dumpster Fees
General and Construction Material: 5 yard $ 50.00
General and Construction Material: 10 yard $100.00
Logs and Stumps: 5 yard $150.00
Logs and Stumps: 10 yard $300.00
Railroad Ties: 5 yard $100.00
Railroad Ties: 10 yard $200.00

Items you cannot put into a dumpster: tires, paints, chemicals, liquids, and food rubbish.
Dumpster rental fee must be paid prior to drop off of a dumpster with a signed waiver giving permission to enter the resident's property. Dumpsters must be placed on a hard surface and not on the grass or in the street.
Only one dumpster may be placed at your residence for rental. The City does not allow two (2) City dumpsters to be placed at your residence on the same day.
Dumpster rental is discontinued for the large dumpsters starting the second week in October until April (weather permitting).
Small dumpster rental is available all year.
The dumpsters are used for snowplowing which takes priority over dumpster rental.
Dumpsters are dropped off on a Monday and picked up on a Friday or dropped off on Friday and pick up on Monday.

To reserve a dumpster call the Service Department at 216-524-9191.