Yard Waste

Yard Waste Guidelines 

Yard Waste is picked up on your rubbish day on the opposite side of your rubbish and not weighing more than 50 pounds.  Place yard waste in brown bags or open containers. 
Yard waste includes grass clippings, trimmings, leaves, plants, bushes, branches, garden debris, and other yard debris. Yard waste will be picked up during the months of April (weather permitting) until December 19th.  Small amounts of yard waste can be placed inside your rubbish cart during the months of January through March.

Yard Waste does NOT include: dirt, dog or animal waste, litter, rocks or sod.

Set Out Time: All rubbish, recycling, and yard waste should be curbside by 7:30 am the day of pickup, but not sooner than 6:00 pm the evening before pickup. Early and late set outs may result in a notice of violation or your rubbish and yard waste not being collected. Ord. 660.28

Yard Waste Guidelines are established by the Service Department in the interest of collection efficiency and employee safety. Contain and bundle yard waste according to these guidelines to assure collection.
Yard waste contained in plastic bags, refuse carts, overweight bags or bundles, and uncut, untied branches or shrubs may result in your yard waste not being collected.

** Residents can purchase a toter can from the City of Independence Service Department for yard waste pick up as of June 2016.  The cans have a green lid on top to designate yard waste pick up.
Price:  $64.00 for a large can and $56.00 for a small can.  
The can will be delivered to your residence after payment.
To order your toter can, please call 216-524-9191.

Grass clippings, leaves, garden debris:

  • Contain grass clippings, leaves, and loose yard waste in paper yard waste bags, 35 gallon garbage can or un-coated cardboard boxes (maximum size 2’x2’x2’).
  • Maximum 50-pound weight limit
  • No dirt, dog waste, litter, or rocks
  • Rake leaves to the tree lawn (not into the street) during the Fall Leaf Collection, from October to mid-December
  • Do not mix any other rubbish with the yard waste
Tree branches, bushes, shrubs:
  • Cut branches no larger than 1 inch in diameter, bushes, and shrubs into 4-foot lengths
  • Tie securely into manageable bundles
  • Use strong twine or rope; no wire
  • Maximum bundle size 4-foot x 18-inches
  • Maximum 50-pound weight limit
Chipper Service:
  • Branches between 1 and 8 inches in diameter and four (4) foot lengths should be called in and scheduled for chipper service at 216 524-9191
  • Branches should be piled neatly with cut ends toward street
  • Large piles of branches, logs, shrubs, etc. requires a dumpster rental
  • Roots must be removed from bushes for a chipper service
Logs and root systems:
  • Cut logs into 6-inch x 18-inch pieces and stack neatly
  • Remove root systems from trunk, cut into pieces weighing less than 50-pounds each
  • Knock dirt off root systems and contain separately
Binding Materials:
  • Bundles must be tied securely with a non-metallic binder such as rope twine or nylon
  • Brush bundled with wire, cords, cable, etc. will not be collected
Contact the Service Department at (216) 524-9191 for additional information about the weekly curbside yard waste collection. Also for more information about the Fall Leaf Collection (The Service department will collect leaves raked to the curb and not into the street between October to mid-December).  
Christmas Tree Pick-up and branches downed by high winds should be placed to the curb and resident must call the service department for chipper service collection.

Back-Yard Composting and Grass Mulching are great ways to keep organic material out of landfills. They combine good environmental practice with inexpensive ways to add nutrients back into the soil, and save residents time and disposal costs. Applying compost to soil improves its texture, structure, aeration ability and water holding capacity. It adds-up to improved soil fertility and root development. Trees, flowers or vegetables will grow healthier with less chemicals or fertilizers.

Remember when contracting landscape services or tree services the contractor is responsible for the removal of all materials. If you are doing a large project you can call the Service department to schedule a dumpster to be dropped off at your home.