The City of Independence operates under a nonpartisan, mayor/council form of municipal government.  Both the Mayor and a Finance Director are elected by the general public for a period of four years.  The City Council consists of seven members elected at large for a two-year term.  The Councilperson-at-large who receives the highest number of votes at the regular municipal election becomes Vice Mayor.

The Independence Charter adopted in 1958, is our "Declaration of Independence".  It grants the people of Independence the maximum amount of home rule permitted under the Ohio Constitution. In practice this means that our municipal government in Independence will always be subject to our own control and amendment.  The Charter delegates legislative powers to Council; executive authority, including judicial and veto powers to the Mayor, and provides that the Finance Director be the fiscal officer and head of the Finance Department.  The Charter provides for a Planning Commission, a separate Board of Zoning Appeals, Architectural Board of Review, and a Civil Service Commission.
Voter control over the affairs of the municipality is assured through the initiative and referendum Charter clause.

Elected Officials

  • Mayor - General Election, four-year term
  • Council - General Election, seven at-large, two-year terms
  • Finance Director - General Election, four-year term

Boards and Commissions

  • Architectural Board of Review
  • Civil Service Commission
  • Planning Commission
  • Zoning Board of Appeals