Diversion Programs

Juvenile Community Diversion Program

The City of Independence maintains a partnership with the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court for the purpose of diverting youth who are first-time offenders of misdemeanor and status offenses.

This agreement allows the Mayor to utilize community resources to address the various situations and prevent the child's involvement with Juvenile Court and a Juvenile Court Record.  The program is designed for youth who have no other history with the Juvenile Court and are willing to accept responsibility for their actions. The goal of the program is to make a juvenile's first offense their last offense.

Adult Community Controlled Sanctions 

The purpose of this program is to provide supervision, guidance and support to offenders in hopes of preventing future contact with the legal system. Offenders are monitored by a probation officer for attendance at 12-step meetings, alcohol education programs, GED/high school diploma completion or other community controlled sanctions.