Business Districts

Independence’s four business districts offer unique environments attractive to a variety of businesses. City Council recently adopted Area Plans for the City’s business districts. The Area Plans identify physical and market conditions, expose development constraints, and propose high-level recommendations for long-term improvement.

To learn more about the City’s vision for each business district, please review the Area Plans. The Area Plan chapters for each of the business districts are accessible from the links below.

Rockside Road
With over 3.8 million square feet of office space, the Rockside Road Business District is the premier office address in Northeast Ohio. Centrally located at the crossroads of two of Northeast Ohio’s primary interstates (1-480 and I-77), the Rockside Road Business District offers an ideal location for any organization that desires a high profile setting with easy access to the amenities that Independence and Northeast Ohio have to offer.

The Cloverleaf Business District is the most established industrial area in Independence. Highly visible from I-77 and I-480, and occupied by some of the City’s largest companies, this business district offers the opportunity to have office space adjacent to manufacturing, material storage, or distribution areas. Cloverleaf is a perfect location for businesses that desire an industrial environment with easy access to suburban conveniences.

Located just south of the Rockside Road Business District, downtown Independence is home to small professional offices, retail and service businesses. Downtown is the symbolic “heart” of Independence, a place that draws on the community’s history and character. This area contributes to the high livability and amenity factors that make Independence a great place to locate a business.

East Pleasant Valley Road
Independence’s East Pleasant Valley Road Business District is an attractive area for companies that desire office, research and development, distribution, and light industrial uses. Quick access to the interstate system, Cuyahoga Valley National Park and a unique mix of architecture and natural landscapes combine to make this district a truly unique business setting.