Business Visitation Program

The health of local employers is critical to Independence’s economic vitality. Existing businesses make investments in facilities, create jobs and pay taxes that are at the heart of a strong local economy. For these reasons, the City maintains a Business Visitation Program with the aim of improving the lines of communication with the business community. During these on-site visits, a representative from the Economic Development Department meets with business owners and/or key management to garner concise, accurate, and up-to-date information about the views and needs of existing businesses.

The goals of the business visitation meetings are to:

  • Demonstrate the City’s support for the business community;
  • Uncover opportunities to improve the business climate to benefit existing businesses and attract new businesses; and
  • Learn about concerns, anticipated needs and problems confronting businesses and explore solutions.

The Business Visitation Program is designed to provide business leaders with a single point of contact within City government. Participation in the program allows the Economic Development Department to better serve as an advocate for the business community and assist in helping to find solutions to important business issues.

For more information about the Business Visitation Program or to schedule a meeting, contact Jeremy Rowan, Economic Development Director at or 216.524.4131.