Architectural Board of Review

Plans for new homes, additions and custom accessory buildings must be presented to the Architectural Board of Review for approval prior to the start of construction. The Architectural Board of Review meets on the first and third Thursday of each month at 3:00 p.m. in the Building Department at the City Annex, 6335 Selig Drive.

You must submit by 12:00 pm ten (10) days prior to the Architectural Board Meeting:
  • Four (4) complete sets of plans
  • One (1) reduced set (11" x 17") of plans
  • Photos of adjacent homes and material samples
  • A digital copy of all paperwork that pertains to this application.
Three (3) voting members sit on the Architectural Board of Review. The Board consists of Norm Casini of RCU Architects, Chairman of the Board; Michael Gero, Building Official; and Don Ramm, City Engineer. City Planner Anne Lynch and Fire Chief Steve Rega are also non-voting members of the Architectural Board of Review.

For questions contact the Architectural Board of Review Secretary
Amanda Sharrer

ABR Application

2024 Board Meeting Schedule