Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District

The Cuyahoga SWCD assists communities with the implementation of their storm water management plans that are required by the Ohio EPA.  That work includes public involvement and public education.

Visit their website here:   Cuyahoga Soil & Water District

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Recent Tips and Resources6 documents

  • 2022 PIPE Poster
    document date 08-23-2023
  • Spotted Lanternfly
    document date 08-23-2022
    Learn what to do if you come across one and/or an egg mass.
  • Stormwater Education
    document date 02-11-2021
    Link to Cuyahoga Soil & Water District Site for Stormwater Education
  • This Winter Use the Right SALT
    document date 02-11-2021
  • Stormwater Control Measure Maintenance Tips.pdf
    document date none
  • Bioretention Maintenance.pdf
    document date none

Articles and Publications5 documents

  • On the Land - 2022 Summer Newsletter
    document date 08-05-2022
  • Stormwater & Conservation Blog
    document date 02-11-2021
    Stormwater and Conservation articles by Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District
  • Where Rivers Begin.pdf
    document date none
  • Household Habits for Healthy Waters.pdf
    document date none
  • Taking Root.pdf
    document date none

Upcoming Events5 documents

  • First Ring First Fellowship Program
    document date 08-23-2022
    Cuyahoga SWCD is looking for Cuyahoga County STEM teachers to apply for the First Rings First Fellowship (FRFF) program. An immersive, outdoor experience, teachers will receive professional development and incentives, graduate credits, classroom equipment, field trip support, and so much more. Space is limited for this exciting fellowship!
  • Seed Sales
    document date 08-23-2022
    Our native tree and plant sales are over for the year, but we always sell native seed.
  • Master Rain Gardener
    document date 08-23-2022
    Registration open for our online course and self-paced course.
  • Cuyahoga SWCD Annual Meeting and Supervisor Election
    document date 08-23-2022
    SAVE THE DATE - November 10, 2022. More details coming soon.
  • Cuyahoga Tree Symposium
    document date 08-23-2022
    September 23, 2022. Beachwood Community Center. See details in the flyer.