UPDATE 5-22-20: There will be no pavilion reservations until at least July 1st. The Kiwanis Pavilion is closed until further notice. The Annex & Diamond pavilions will be open for casual use but no reservations. We ask anyone using our pavilions during this time to maintain a safe physical distance from each other.

There are multiple picnic pavilions in Elmwood Park available to residents by reservation on a first-come, first-serve basis. Residents may book up to 10 tables, twice a year, free of charge for family picnics or parties. These include the Kiwanis Pavilion and Annex Pavilion. These pavilions are open April through October and are subject to availability depending on special events. Alcohol and/or smoking is prohibited in the pavilions and throughout the park. For more information or to make a reservation, stop by the Recreation Front Desk or call (216) 524-3262.

Kiwanis Pavilion (2)

Independence Kiwanis Pavilion
 is located in Elmwood Park off of Kathy Lynn Drive, next to Liberty Station Playground, and is open everyday from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. This covered pavilion has forty six-foot picnic-style tables, shutter-style doors that can be open or closed depending on the weather, a covered cooking area with 12 grills, and indoor restroom facilities.

Annex Playground & Pavilion (6)

The Annex Pavilion is located in Elmwood Park behind the City Annex Building at 6335 Selig Drive (Building / Engineering Department). This outdoor pavilion has twenty six-foot picnic-style tables, six small grills available for cooking, and is close in proximity to the Annex Playground, Bocce and Tennis courts, and covered restroom facilities.

Diamond Pavilion in Elmwood Park

The Diamond Pavilion is located between Diamond #3 and the U-10 Lighted Soccer Field in Elmwood Park. This pavilion features several tables, a grill area, and is a great gathering place after baseball and soccer games in the park.