Finance Committee

Functions of the Finance Committee

  • Meet on a regular basis to review year-to-date income tax receipts, total revenues, expenditures/disbursements, and current cash balances
  • In conjunction with other Committees, review and prioritize potential projects to be completed in the current and upcoming years
  • Review and update the Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan with the goal of presenting legislation to Council for approval at the June Regular Council Meeting
  • Review the upcoming year's preliminary Operating Budget and Capital Budget which includes departmental purchases and projects, infrastructure projects, and maintenance contracts
  • Meet with department heads to discuss departmental capital requests
  • Discuss debt service with a commitment to paying down debt
  • Discuss various ways to curb City spending to become more efficient
  • The Committee and/or Council meet to debate and analyze the Capital and Operating budgets
  • The Committee and/or Council meets to firm up each budget document and reach a consensus on a final budget document with the goal of adopting a budget for the upcoming year
  • Review any matters of importance brought forth by the Finance Department and Finance Team
  • Review proposed new or revised legislation that requires Committee-level discussion with a goal of making a recommendation to Council
The Finance Committee meets on an as-needed basis.
For any finance-related questions or concerns, contact one of the Committee Members.

Chair and Members