Administrative Services

Independence is the hub for administrative services in Northeast Ohio. In fact, Independence has a 10 percent share of the region’s employment in this sector. The City has attracted far beyond its “fair share” of businesses and employment within this sector due to its many competitive advantages in support of administrative service industries. The City’s central location and regional accessibility enable administrative businesses to attract a broad range of employees from throughout the region. For administrative services businesses serving clients in Northeast Ohio or regions to the east and west, Independence has a critical logistical advantage in accessing that client base.

Key high-growth industries within (or related to) the administrative services sector includes the following:

  • Office Administrative Support Services (5611). This industry includes a broad range of services in support of the day-to-day clerical operation of a variety of businesses.
  • Human Resources & Training Services (5613). Independence is particularly well-suited for attracting and retaining in-house HR and training service components of companies, as well as consultants and service providers.
  • Business Support (5614). There are a number of business operations industries for which Independence is competitive, and the following growth industries offer particularly strong opportunities for clustering in Independence:Corporate Offices. Apart from administrative services, the City of Independence is also competitive for attracting functions relating to the Management of Companies and Enterprises (55), including corporate, subsidiary, and regional management offices (551114).
    • Meeting Planners. Because of Independence’s central location, both locally and regionally, it is well-placed to serve as a hub for meeting services. Meeting planners prefer to locate close to their market base, which includes the corporations and administrative service providers that cluster in Independence.
    • Market Research Services. Independence is well-suited to attracting growing market research companies and divisions engaged in consumer market research and customer support. Proximity to the broad regional labor force as well as corporate clients is key to Independence’s success.
    • Management Analysis. Management and related analytical services can also cluster in Independence to serve a broad regional client base.

For more information about how your company can explore opportunities in Independence, contact the Economic Development Department at 216-524-4131.