Information Services / Tech

Independence is a regional hub for information services. In this industry, the City has increased its share of the Cleveland Metro area employment from 5.9% in 1998 to 8.6% in 2011. Independence offers a strong, established information services industry, with some of the nation’s major players such as Microsoft, Oracle, and more located here.

Working with our partners, the City is committed to creating a unique environment for the information services industry where collaboration is encouraged, innovation flourishes and talent is attracted to the region. Our business districts are currently served by multiple fiber providers and the City has recently entered into an agreement with regional internet provider OneCommunity to further increase bandwidth capacity in the Rockside Road Business District. OneCommunity is utilizing City owned conduit to expand Independence’s high-speed fiber network and offer our companies a direct connection to the most advanced high-speed fiber network in Northeast Ohio.

Within or related to information services, there are several industries in particular that offer future high-growth opportunities for Independence to strengthen its position as the region’s leader. These future growth opportunities include the following sub-sector industries:

  • Data Processing, Hosting and Related Services (518). Independence is a proven location for back-office functions including data processing, hosting, and related services.
  • Information Security (519). There are various other information services, such as information security tracking, that are also important and growing industries relating to the information services sector.
  • Health Care-Related Information Technology. The City is growing this sector by strengthening linkages between Independence’s IT sector, Cleveland’s medical research institutions and emerging companies.
  • Logistics (519 and 4931). Components of the industry are particularly well-suited to Independence, including order fulfillment, inventory control and management, and transportation arrangement.

For more information about how your company can explore opportunities in Independence, contact the Economic Development Department at 216-524-4131.