INDY Alive!

Mission Statement: "To care for, support and inspire our whole community through every stage of life." 

Anonymous Tip-Line & Safe School Helpline

INDYAlive! Community Partnership Information Card

U.S. Surgeon General's Advisory:  Marijuana Use and the Developing Brain

INDYAlive! is a community partnership made up of the City, schools, churches, youth, and parents who work together as a community to enhance the safety and well being, not only of our youth, but of all members of the community.

Representatives from each of these areas gather for monthly meetings to discuss ideas for school assemblies, potential parent speakers, and any other matter that is brought to the attention of the committee.

Originally called "25 & Alive," the program was developed to provide education and support to parents who are facing a multitude of issues, including underage drinking, drug and sexual experimentation, bullying, internet safety, eating disorders, and advocacy for special needs children. It is also our goal to provide programs and educational opportunities for teachers and students. The program was included in the Independence Schools 2007 Strategic Plan is an indication of the importance of the organization in the community. 

A unique aspect of our partnership is the participation of the churches. It was evident that in order for this program to succeed, our community churches would have to play an integral role, in conjunction with the City, schools, and especially the youth. 

We firmly believe that what each individual entity cannot do alone, we can accomplish with the energy of the youth, the love and support of the parents, and the collaborative efforts of the INDYAlive! organization.