The Parent Pledge helps promote positive choices for youths and parents to reduce the occurrences of drinking and driving, experimentation with drugs and alcohol, and support for social issues.  

No matter what 25 & Alive does, it is YOU, THE PARENT, that is key to your child's success in making smart choices.

Parent Pledge for 2019-2020 Available Here

Difficult as it may be, make it your business to know where your child is at all times, even your kids in high school.  Pick up the phone to verify, coordinate and speak with other parents.  You are the ‘Number 1' factor in lessening your child’s use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs, so please: 1) Establish and maintain good communication with your children, 2) Get (and stay) involved in their lives, 3) Set clear rules and enforce them consistently, 4) Be a positive role model, and 5) Know who your kids are socializing with and communicate with their parents, despite the potential for push-back.