Sexting / Texting

Sexting can label your teen a sex offender!

  • Sexting Defined: Youth sending sexually explicit messages or sexually explicit photos of themselves or others to their peers. 
  • The law is clear:  ake a nude, partially nude, or sexually explicit photo of someone under 18, produce, distribute, or possess the photo, and you are breaking the law...even if you are 16 and you took the photo to send to your boyfriend. 
  • Teens can be prosecuted on a state or federal felony level, and can even be labeled as a sex offender. 
  • A 15-year-old Ohio girl faced felony charges for sending nude images of her to classmates.
  • A 17-year-old in Wisconsin was charged with child pornography for allegedly posting naked pictures of his ex-girlfriend on the Internet that she had sent him.
  • “That picture, once taken and sent, gives anyone who receives it the ability to do anything with it, forever.”  ~ Ken Oswalt, Licking County Prosecutor

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