Why is it called INDYAlive!

The program was named 25 & Alive because a favorite expression of the Mayor was "If we can get a child through the rocky years to age 25, they have a good shot at making it through the rest of their lives." 

The 25 & Alive concept is also grounded in psychology and science.  A concept called the "invincibility fable" (coined by renowned psychologist David Elkind) lends itself well to the name of our partnership. The invincibility fable is a "person's idea that he or she is immune to harm or defeat. Some teenagers are convinced that, unlike other mortals, they will not suffer the consequences of fast driving, unprotected sex, addictive drugs, or self starvation" (Berger, 2006, 466). They think that nothing will happen to them - catastrophes only happen to someone else, at some other school.  

Additionally, science explains that the human brain takes twenty-five years to fully develop, particularly the rational part of the brain. This is yet another good reason to provide educational opportunities and support for young people, including the support of their parents, so they can reach the age of 25 ~ Alive.  Expecting a teenager to make "right choices" without steady consistent parental involvement is unrealistic.