Planning & Development

The City of Independence Building Department is an important resource for both new and existing businesses. Administering the City’s planning, permitting and inspection activities, this department can provide direction on many topics relevant to businesses.

For assistance with any of the following, please contact the Building Department at 216-524-1019.

The Building Department and its Boards and Commissions
The Building Department is responsible for development review and code enforcement in the City of Independence. Development review involves processing applications and reviewing plans for residential and commercial development to ensure they meet Zoning Code requirements. The Building Department is also responsible for ensuring existing development remains compliant with the Zoning and Property Maintenance Codes.

The Building Department staffs three City boards: Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals and Architectural Board of Review.

  • Planning Commission is responsible for reviewing any new housing development, commercial building, change of an existing zoning classification, change of grade, lot split, lot consolidation, wireless antenna or tower, and any other commercial projects to be located within the City.
  • Board of Zoning Appeals is responsible for reviewing requests to vary from the Zoning Code.
  • Architectural Review Board is responsible for reviewing the exterior and landscaping of all commercial and residential projects.

Parcel Information & City Maps
The City of Independence utilizes GIS to store and analyze parcel information. The Engineering Department can create customized maps upon request; however, for complete information about specific parcels please refer to the Cuyahoga County Auditor website. For specific information about the City of Independence, such as zoning maps, please visit the Building Department website or use the following links.

Zoning Code
The Independence Planning and Zoning Code can be found in Part Eleven of the City Codified Ordinances. To access the Zoning Code, please use the link below.

Permits and Forms
The exact needs of your business, whether you are simply relocating to an existing space and need something such as a new sign or are building from the ground up, will determine the permitting process, time frame, and necessary forms.